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Weekday evening and Weekend appointments available

I’ll discuss ways to elementally balance each “gua” of the home with the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. We’ll discuss particular areas in the client’s life they would like to see more balanced, peaceful or empowered. It’s essential that the client’s home is not tidied up or possessions moved before the consultation. This way I can see the home how it is daily, and with your normal life. You’ll also have access to email, phone and question about your consultation up to a month after our initial meeting.

I also consult for all  size homes, offices, and businesses! Please inquire about special pricing for these spaces.

Consultations Include:

  • A  two (2) – 1.5 hour consultation depending on the size of your home. A minimum of two hours is required for this visit.
  • We will work together to work on what areas need to be a priority in which will be assessed by the questionnaire the client fills out before the consultation.
  • A follow-up discussion over the phone and visit. It’s usually best to schedule the visit around 60 days after a consultation so that the client has time to make minor changes.
  • A bagua map aligned with your floor plan.

Are you located in another city?

A Feng Shui Consultation can be done remotely!  I do it all the time! Inquire about rates

Remote Consulting Skype™  or FaceTime

Feng Shui Consultation:

A minimal of 2 hours for a in person consultation, which I provide an open discussion on the assessment of the space and discuss many options to change areas of attention on what the client would like to change and enhance in their lives and the lives of their family members. The client is able to record and write down the consultation and take notes. . *Additional fees for driving time may be applicable.

2 Hour minimum, under 2,000 square foot home, studio or office space. Inquire about rates.


Space Clearing:

A minimum of an hour consultation in person, in which I use various techniques to clean the energy of the space using my own personal space clearing tools.  The client can be present or not while the space clearing takes place.  I’m available for remote space clearings. Please contact me for rates.


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