Life and Nature energy is always moving about us in a seen and unseen whimsical way. Whimsical Feng Shui brings to fruition all the seen and unseen energy to allow harmony and abundance in our lives.

The start of my feng shui journey…

A few years ago I was visiting a friend’s new condo in Chicago and saw some gems on her ceiling and asked what they were for. That was the moment that started it all!

She proceeded to tell me about how her Mom was into feng shui and did it to her new condo. She showed me little things here and there that were part of feng shui. Then she specifically showed me how she hung her pictures in her hallway that represented her career area in feng shui. Needless to say her career had taken a turn for the better, and the pictures and their meaning truly affected her career.

So I decided to purchase her feng shui book of choice, and I fell in love with feng shui.

I was incorporating Feng Shui little by little into my current apartment in northwestern suburb of Chicago. Not too long after making small adjustments to my decor and finally feeling a beautiful flow of energy, I had to move to a newly renovated apartment that was a mirror of my previous one. I got a fresh new start in my new apartment and could truly feng shui it before I got settled in.

After my experience with Feng Shui in my apartment, I became more conscious about where I was putting personal items on my desk at work. I was feng shui’ing as much as I could because I could feel the energy change and events were changing.  I even put some musical note glitter I had received as gift in my helpful people / travel area on my desk, and that summer I went to more concerts than ever before.  Last minute concerts or extra tickets through work just presented themselves to me.

In December 2009, after living in my new apartment for about 4 months,  I was laid off with the company I had been part of for the last five years. So I took that time to learn more about feng shui,  spend time on my personal spiritual endeavors (including yoga) and put together a new vision board of what I wanted for my future! So I took down my old pictures on my vision board I had up there for over a year! I obviously needed some new things to focus on. So that picture of that beautiful home I had on there which I couldn’t picture in Colorado, came down.

In February 2010, I was offered a position with the same company but in a different state, with a promotion. That beautiful home I had on my vision board for 1.5+ years, yes it was cut out of my favorite Veranda Magazine that was based out of Atlanta, and that home was in Atlanta! Literally 2 months after I took it down, subconsciously allowing it to happen sometime in the future, it all came to fruition. Living in Atlanta that is! That home, I’m still looking for, it has to be in my beautiful neighborhood somewhere?

As I continued on my journey down here in Atlanta, I surrounded myself with the body, mind and spirit things I love! Realizing my job is just a job, and I was thankful and grateful for it in my life I needed more. So I pondered it all, and really directed my attention to spending time doing things I truly enjoy and I’m good at. Sports was out of the question. Of course I love yoga, but I’m working on the balancing and have been for years. Not to mention the flexibility. So becoming a yoga teacher is something that isn’t meant for me at this time.

Feng shui was something I loved and felt I was good with what knowledge I had of it. I knew there was much more to learn, and thought there had to be courses here in Atlanta. I searched and nothing came up on Google that really sparked my interest. So one evening in the Summer of ’10, I was at a a group discussion at the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, and another attendee of the class had mentioned she wanted to expand her Feng Shui business. There it was! The Universe presented it to me! Finally! So she and I chatted a bit about all the questions I had about what I thought I would like to do with feng shui in the business world. She swore by the course she took in California, and how fabulous it was. So over the next few months I kept on looking at the course site, and had inquired with the school about their next practitioner training. I took a peek at the website’s list of Georgia practitioners to see if she was on there. She wasn’t, but another local feng shui practitioner, Jill Kostrinsky, was. So I reached out to Jill to see if she would like to meet up for coffee. I wanted to hear her story of feng shui, and why she chose this specific feng shui school. Upon meeting, we totally clicked, and I learned a lot from her. Her story was awesome and inspiring! In our discussions she told me about the course and its financial obligations in the travel, hotel and food beyond the course its self. After pondering the financial obligations, I made the mental note,“If this is something that I’m meant to do then the funds will come to me easily and effortlessly and it will work out.” I had tons of feng shui excitement in my day just meeting with her!

Two weeks later, my family was in town and we were shopping at the local mall. One of my favorite stores, Banana Republic was running a promotional contest. Put it this way, I was 1 in 1.5 million! Thank you Universe! Winning that contest was the final push that I needed to go to San Diego to take the class. At the end of September, the local paper here in Atlanta did a little blurb about me. I received an email from my new feng shui friend that had inspired me so much, Jill. She said she had just returned from a trip and was reading the newspaper and saw the blurb, and asked if I was the Sara Egert that won?!?!?! She was the ONLY person that said anything to me about the article in the paper, and the only one that saw it! Thank you Jill!

In May 2011, I headed to Encinitas, California to take the Essential Feng Shui® Course taught by founder Terah Kathryn Collins at the Western School of Feng Shui™, which both fabulous feng shui ladies I met in Atlanta recommended.

So dear Tania, thank you for putting your little gems on the ceiling for me to see! Who would have thought my eye for sparkles would have taken me to this moment.

So here I am today starting my new feng shui chapter in my life.

As for my other area of passion, I still enjoy yoga! I’m working on my second 30 day yoga challenge in August. Back in February, I completed a 30+ day yoga challenge to see where I was after giving my attention to it fully for those 30 days. I wanted to get out of my head the limitations thatheld me back in balancing and flexibility. Well, body balance and flexibility are still being “practiced,” and I can already feel that my current 30 day challenge is opening me up.


Sara Egert

August 2011

While listening to Hay House streaming radio and podcasts over the past 4 years, and Terah’s book, I knew that Terah and Louise Hay were great friends.  Showing up to my first day of class and seeing Louise was joining our class for the day….was so exciting! To meet Louise Hay in person, who has been a great inspiration in my life, was a dream come true.

Terah Kathryn Collins, Sara Egert and Louise Hay - Encinitas, CA May '11


rhonda reese · August 4, 2011 at 2:21 pm

What a great story and you have described it so well that it holds interest. Great website as well. I haven’t read everything yet. Hat’s off to you Sara!

My best,

Tania Tawil · August 4, 2011 at 3:20 pm


I’m so touched and honored to be a part of your story! You are an inspiration, and I’m excited for all of your success to date and all of the success that’s headed your way. You deserve it!

All the best,


Magdaline Egert · August 4, 2011 at 3:35 pm

Sara, your story of drive and desire is truely inspiring. Great things happen to you becuase you have passion for life. Kudos and congrats!


Jill Kostrinsky · August 22, 2011 at 10:17 pm

Hi Sara! So excited to read all of the interesting items in your website. I felt your wonderful energy from the minute I met you at Starbucks last year. You have a great intuitive knowledge of feng shui and I learn things from you every time we talk! Best of luck to you as you explore and learn and spread your joy to the world….

Love and hugs,


Christine McElroy · August 28, 2011 at 6:50 pm

Sara –
I saw a little blurb about you on my FB page – related to Banana Republic. So thrilled to read your story and about your evolution. Now I need to read the rest of your blog. Congratulations to you!
Right now I am very stuck – no job, no prospects, no money. But in my heart, I know all good things are coming!
Louise Hay! I have been her ‘fan’/convert for 20 years. Lucky you!
Good bless you –
P.S. I need to resurrect all my Feng Shui books – not living in that energy right now – and need to!

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