Cleaning Up Your Outlook Through Your Own Eyes


If you talk to me and we are chatting about Feng Shui, the first thing I bring up is…. Clean your windows.  People despise this and brush it off… my windows are clean.  Then one day they clean them and they realize, these really are dirty. So clean a window a day?  Start small.

In our busy lives we are always looking for something simple that we can “slip” into, and see an instant change fast.  We are always seeking for these situation or projects, but when they arrive, we still realize that we have to take the time to actually do, implement, and read the instructions of how to make it work fast. Then the procrastination sets in if it’s something that just seems ok after we made it through all the hype of how we want to change our lives.


So let’s make it simple, just clean your windows.  Clean Your Windows!  Yep, now you want to know which ones, and give a million reasons why you can’t do it.  If you want to start somewhere, start with cleaning the window that you notice the most in your home and spend time around. Cleaning the window(s) starting from the inside and making effort to clean the outside windows also. As you are cleaning the window notice how you start to see the outside world just a little bit clearer. It’s like the whole world is coming through in new colors. Continue this exercise through your whole home, cleaning all the inside windows and outside. Maybe you feel more comfortable cleaning your car windows first, and that is perfectly fine.  You are always looking through your car windows as you are driving through your daily lives.  Make sure you include the windows in doors.


The outside windows are just as important as the inside, but if it’s something you absolutely can’t get to at this time because of height, weather, or function, make it point to clean in the near future, but continue to focus on all inside windows.  If there are windows that you can’t reach on the outside get a window washer to come and clean them.  There are always coupons of sorts that offer this service. Look at cleaning your windows as an extension of cleaning your clothes, linens, and home cleaning.


While your cleaning, allow your creativity to flourish.  As we do mundane events or piddle around like this, it allows for our mind to wander and create amazing stories and situations of what we would like to see in our lives. Cleaning your windows is essentially clutter clearing through the windows of our home into the world around us.  Once you start this cleaning process, you notice how your window treatments and furnishing my need a little cleaning too.  Take baby steps and just do one window at a time if the tasks seem over whelming.


The purpose of cleaning your windows is it clean and shift the energy, chi, of the eyes of our life.  The windows of our home are the eyes to our world around us.  In the world of Feng Shui, chi, is always flowing around us, and it can become stagnate.  We tend to first notice life stagnations, and one quick and easy fix is to start cleaning your windows.


As in Johnny Nash’s song, “I Can See Clearly Now,” “ all that the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way,” is the real experience we want to be in. We want chi moving in all areas of our lives to allow events, people and things into our lives whether it be a change in self-cultivation, career, travel, creativity, balanced relationships, great fame, abundance, and health. Our inner worlds can be a reflection of our outer worlds and vise versa. By using and incorporating Feng Shui principles into our lives, we allow a happy balance of the seen and unseen chi into our world.


The perfect time to clean windows is now or anytime, don’t make excuses.  What opportunities are you missing out on by simply just cleaning.

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