Hello 2015!

Wishing everyone a great 2015 filled with Love, Joy, Health, Prosperity and Abundance. FOLLOW your OWN Bliss and Curiosity and YOUR Life will be filled with so much! Just a note, stop following others (even on Facebook). Their life is NOT Yours. If you see an experience others are having know that you too can have it by following YOUR OWN Bliss & Curiosity! WE create OUR Life by our OWN thoughts and actions!

Life is full of Births and Deaths. Yes, ending of relationships (break-ups, separations, divorces) of all sorts are deaths. It’s sad, really really sad. Yes we mourn, yes we should mourn in our own way and in our own time. Death is part of the circle of life. But also know that there can be the “darkness before the dawn,” and a place of “dark night of the soul.” All of this happens to prepare us for a birth and rebirth! Those happy and great times! So focus and give Gratitude for the great experiences and people in your life!


If you want to see an immediate shift in your Life?!?!? CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS!!!! Clean them in the inside and also on the outside if you can (make it a priority to do it!) CLEAN the windows of your vehicle (go get your car washed)!This is your vehicle of life that gets you to and from your everyday life! Why have it dirty?!?!?

washing windows-12


Just start with one drawer something small so it might not seem so overwhelming.

Namaste you Amazing Souls!

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