Happy New Year Everyone one!  Wishing you the very best in 2014! 

As I look at 2013, I’m in awe of what I have accomplished (finished my Yoga 200 hour teacher training, had my first Feng Shui article published, traveled through Central America living out of a backpack (got to sleep in a hut!), teaching a weekly yoga class, bought my first home, was selected to be on HGTV’s Property Virgins show after submitting my information online, and being selected to be on the Southeast Women of Cable and Telecommunications board as Mentoring Director).  Of course they are just materialistic human experiences, but each and everyone one of these experiences I tapped into a little bit more of my inner spirit wisdom. At times I felt like I took a few steps back when trying to accomplishing all this, yet the majority of them I signed up, showed up and everything else just feel into place. My Mantra for 2013 was “Just Show UP!”  I am so thankful and grateful for all these experiences and also the people that were part of them.  They are all so amazing! Now to set my 2014 Mantra…..

As I look towards 2014 I look with zeal at the possibilities! I wish everyone a fabulous year full of Zeal, Great LOVE, Great Health (being conscious of their eating habits, while listening to their body), and Avalanches of Prosperity in all forms!

This past year, I literally signed up, made baby steps to move forward, and showed up!  I can’t help but look at my life the last few days of 2013 and see and feel great sadness.  Sadness in the form of physical death of loved.  In the great sadness of life, I truly believe Love is still present.  And in Love, great sadness can present itself. It’s a journey to see the truth and love through all this sadness. I feel like I’m shedding layers of skin (metaphorically) and I finished this up on the eve of 2013 as I was finally home, in my physical home, with AJ, Atia and Thor bringing in the New Year.

I adore the teachings of and I Am the Door by Paul Ferrini and the Tao Te Ching (The Art of Living) by Stephen Mitchell because they have helped me along my life journey, shed light on situations and provided a different type of answer that can’t always be found in “rational” thinking. Of course this is my journey, but at times we all experience sadness and death (physically and non-physically) and as we all close out 2013 it’s putting rest to the past and being open and receptive for the NEW!

“You will experience many small deaths in the course of your life, many times when you must let go of the arms that once comforted you and walk alone into the uncertain future. Every time you do so your fears will rise up and you will have to walk through them.

Don’t be impatient. No one is reborn instantaneously. It takes time. It’s a process. The tide goes out and comes back in. People let go of one attachment only to form another one that challenges them more. Life is rhythmic, but progressive. As earth and water breathe together, the shape of the beach changes. Storms come and go.

In the end, a profound peace comes and pervades the heart and mind. Finally the ground of being has been reached. Here the changing waters come and go, and the earth delights in the playful touch of the beloved.”  – Paul Ferrini. I Am The Door

The Tao is infinite, eternal.

Why is it eternal?

It was never born;

Thus it can never die.

Why is it infinite?

It has no desires of itself;

Thus it is present for all things.

The Master stays behind;

This is why she is ahead.

She is detached from all things;

That is why she is one with them.

Because she has let go of herself,

She is perfectly fulfilled.


-Stephen Mitchell.  Tao Te Ching



All in honor of:

Beloved Family – BJ Voss (9/7/2013)

Beloved Virtual Mentor – Rev. Sky St. John (12/19/2013)

Beloved Grandfather – John Hey (12/24/2013)

AJs Beloved Father – John Whitehurst (12/27/2013)



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