Spring is officially here!


I’m sure some of you have already started Spring cleaning and others will be starting. What if you add a new ritual to your Spring cleaning?  Actually anytime you feel like you need to get the energy flowing in your life?



Purchase A Bag of Epsom salt

Pick up Sage – To cleanse the area and let go of the past (Whole Foods or Amazon.com)

Pick up a Smudge Stick – To bring in the Fresh, Vital and New (Whole Foods or Amazon.com )

Bell(s) – Optional




Before starting the process of saging / smudging, bells, candles / any type of ritual, put Epsom salt or a Sea Salt in all corners of the room, on the carpet.

If you have hard wood, etc, I would put in a bowl(s) in the middle of each room, just a little bit will do.  Setting the intent that salt is attracting all the stagnant energy and energy no longer serving the home.

Starting with sage, light the tip of the bundle and allow it start smoking.  Flames should not be coming from the sage.  Starting saging the home starting at the front door, moving the bundle of smoking sage around all areas, in closets, under cabinets, getting the intent of cleaning the area. Make sure to sage all rooms and levels /floors. As you move through this process, set the intents that you are releasing the past, and it no longer serves you, your life and family.

I would then get out the smudge stick and do the same exact thing as the saging…. Setting the intent of allowing the Fresh, New, Vital life in.  It’s Springtime, a renewal time, a rebirth.


Do any other rituals you might like. It’s all about you and your Spring! If it’s prayer through every room, bells in all corners area to shift that energy.

When all is said and done, vacuum up the salt and the ground setting the intent that the vacuum is taking away all the energy that is no longer serving her. If the salt is in bowls, dump it out in the garbage and make sure the garbage gets out of the home before the day’s end.  Wash the bowls before using again.

It’s really essential that the person doing the saging / clearing either takes an Epsom bath that night / afterwards, then a quick shower to rinse it all off, or just taking a shower at the end of the day to wash away everything!  No one should take all that stuff to bed with them after they just cleaned.

Pick up some fresh flowers to add additional rejuvenation to the home!  Feel free to sage and smudge anytime!  It’s a great ritual to do during full and new moons! If you are looking to sell your home, this is a great ritual!  New homeowners do feel the energy of homes even though they may not talk about it.  Why not give them a fresh and rejuvenated home to look at, and of course fall in love with and buy!  Please note that your home may smell of smoke for the first two days after saging and smudging. This is normal.  You should open up windows when you are done so your home is well vented, allowing fresh air in the home to also cleanse it.

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Andrea · October 25, 2012 at 9:14 pm

I may have to try this! I love the smell of sage…it makes everything smell fresh.

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