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It’s 2012, and you’ve had a little bit of time to settle into the New Year.  Spring is right around the corner, the winter has been pretty mild around all of the United States, and you are still hoping all of your dreams and goals happen this year!  As I too wish you all the very best this 2012!

Now is the perfect time to take a peek at what your front door is saying about you and your life.  Everyone’s front doors can be in one of the three “bagua” areas. Travel & Helpful People, Career and Self Cultivation & Knowledge can be where your front door is located; which is the doorway into your life. When looking at your home, is your front door in the center (Career), Left (Self Cultivation & Knowledge) or Right (Travel & Helpful People)?


Your front door represents one of these areas in your life, and everything around it.  Since Spring is right around the corner and spring cleaning is something we all do (a little or a lot of), updating your front door will bring in the fresh, new, vital, rebirth of you and your 2012 life.  Why not jump start into Spring and get the energy truly flowing into your life now?

Look at making a small change like picking up a new door mat to replace your old one. When looking at your current door mat what do you think of it? What memories are tied to it? Is it dirty? Is the picture on it still vibrant and represent you and your home?  Is it welcoming to others? Do you truly love it?  If not, get one you LOVE and represents YOU!  New door mats cost very little and bring a fresh look to your home! Below are some pictures of door mats and how they can change the welcoming energy of your home.

What about a little TLC?  Clean your front door inside and out, washing away all the dirt from the past.  If your door and area around your door has window, make sure you make them sparkling clean!  You are getting rid of your past dirt, and are allowing sparkling new light into your home.  Talk about feeling fresh and new!

When was the last time your front door had a fresh new coat of paint? Why not look at changing the front door color?!?!?! Talk about change, yet it’s fun, and will allow your creativity to flow! Be bold!  Of course you can use your same color, just a fresh new coat will look nice, and will bring you a little bit of shine and accomplishment just looking at what you did.

Take some time for you and allow your creativity to flow on what you want to do to freshen up your front door!  A clean, a fresh new coat of paint, maybe a new color? What about a new door mat?!?!?!?!

I’d love to hear from you after you make your changes!  I can’t wait to hear what changes happen in your Career, Travel (where will you be traveling to?) & Helpful People (the people that just show up and help you in some way or another and how?) and Self Cultivation & Knowledge (did you sign up for a new personal development class? church class? work training to better yourself? or be drawn to a new book?)


Some more door mats!






Roberta Waterworth · February 22, 2012 at 2:50 pm

The last week of the 2011, I created a personal web site. Made a list of personal and professional goals for the year. I decided 2012 was my year to create a better me. Improve my work related skills, set health related goals(weight loss and blood pressure), and goals for giving back – my goals for volunteer projects.

    Sara Egert · February 22, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    Thanks Roberta for sharing your story! Have you made any changes to your front door? Are you planning to soon?

      Roberta Waterworth · September 12, 2012 at 3:38 pm

      I applied Feng Shui to the cramped apartment, with a door facing north.

      I have completed 31 courses with an “A” average
      We moved into a house

      I launched a website

      My Blood Pressure in back in the normal range

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