How time has been flying by!  A post I did back on the 8th of August, 2011, I spoke about working on inner and outer worlds and mentioned two rooms that needed attention. One being my walk in closet that was in my love & marriage / relationships gua, and the other being an extra bedroom that I converted into an office / extra room that is in my health & family gua.  Well I really focused and changed my walk in closet, and my life did change a lot in that area, but that is to share another time. All events changed within two to three weeks, and was really unbelievably. Yet believable!

In late September, my extra room had not really been touched at all.  I always put my clothes on a drying rack and when they are done they started piling up on my new desk and chair that I had not yet used for its intention. I also took some pictures of the room to start pushing myself to really start moving on it. The pictures to be both a learning tool for others, and to embarrass myself on my blog!   I’ve uploaded the pictures below, and it doesn’t seem that messy, but it was!  I must have cleaned off all the clothes before taking them on the first round of decluttering.

Since that last day I tried my best to clean it up a bit, I have not touched the room in over three weeks to declutter it. I got better at putting my clothes away and not keeping them on the desk and chair. Yeah me! As I write this post, I’m forcing myself to finish a feng shui consultation on my new job. Yep, forcing myself to sit at the new desk and chair I bought to do all my feng shui consulting work on. I can be in the center of this tornado, and feel the disorganization it brings to my health and family areas of my life.  This room is in my health and family gua, and every time I do small clean ups, my Mother calls!  Is that why I’m not cleaning it?  Ok, kidding!

Actually this Fall weather has affected me physically for the past month, and I’m so over it!  Sinus issues, no motivation, boredom has set in, and yoga seems to be such a struggle to get up and do.  Not to mention the foods I’m eating are healthy, and they are not making me feel healthy….so where is my stuck energy and clutter?  In my health and family gua!   It’s said when you sit in your “stuff” and start looking at it with a sense of love and compassion from within, it all starts to be lightened. Or is it enlightened? Like the layers of the onion are peeling back, a fresh one has resurfaced.  I need to feel more alive in this area, and have a weight lifted off my shoulders.

As I was writing this, I started listening to Marianne Williamson’s weekly podcast on Hay House Radio. She started the show out with a quote from A Course In Miracles, which I just adore, inspires me, and teaches me to see the Truth of life. Then it all started to flow, as I was working on my outer world with this clutter, it was truly reflecting on my inner world as I had written about on August 8th.

“Sickness is a defense against the truth.” ~ACIM

This is the truth of me not cleaning and decluttering my room, I’ve created in a way a sickness because I’m not seeing the room in it’s true truth as being an office space for me to work, but to put my clothes and clutter. So I’ve essentially separated myself / my truth from the room and what I set the intent for it to be, an office. With this delusionary image, because of clutter, it has blocked me from making it my truth. So my defense has created a sickness of sorts that comes in a funk, sinus problems, digestive problems all because I have not moved forward to making the room clutter free.  I am decluttering!  I’m taking items to Goodwill this week, and will continue working in this space so I can continue to love it, as I finish my Feng Shui consultations.

So I’ve taken pictures of this room, to show how it will be a work in progress, and maybe you can just feel the clutter and the anxiety I feel by looking at it.  What kind of clutter in your life is causing you sickness? Are you always in a funk? Look at your home and office and look at the clutter.  That clutter is defending you from your Truth that allows you to be the True you that is full of great heath!

Decluttering (9/25/2011)

Early Decluttering


Early Decluttering



Early Decluttering

Early Decluttering

Early Decluttering











Decluttering in the process (10/24/2011)

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