In today’s world the word “holistic,” is used more and more. Holistic means to include all areas of your environment including your own personal body.  Little areas of your home that you feel don’t count because they are not seen to the waking eye, but you know what lies behind that closed door. That closet is part of a whole home so it should be treated as it’s seen each day, and the energy of that area is always part of the whole home. It all counts….even my little junk basket!  We all should be striving for a sense of harmony in our outer and inner worlds, and taking a holistic approach when dealing with disharmony in our lives will help us feel more at peace. It’s the baby steps that are most important each day.

This 6 minute call with Terah Kathryn Collins with the Western School of Feng Shui™  explains the holistic realm of feng shui, and answers the question about feng shui being falsely labeled as a religion.

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