As we try to balance our lives, we are getting pulled in many directions and events spin out of control. How do we find this inner and external harmony in our lives while accomplishing everything?  Everyone has their answers and suggestions, but who is right?  We all are, and have an inner knowing of where to start and how to do it.  When we realize that there is an issue with harmony in our lives, that is the first step. Now to help bring harmony with baby steps.  Rome wasn’t bulit in a day was it? Start looking at your home, and do you feel in balance?  Take a few minutes to start writing down the areas and rooms that you feel the energy isn’t flowing.  It can be because there is clutter somewhere, you don’t like the colors in the room, it has memories that are not allowing you to be in the Now, you don’t like the layout, the pictures on the walls?  Make a list of the most important rooms to you and do you see and feel harmony there?  Look over what you’ve written down.  What area or room resonates with you that you would like to start on first.  It’s your feeling about the room.  Now if this room has a lot of things that need to be changed, start with the small stuff, a little each day.  Start by just vacuuming the room as it is, and then as you are in it, feel which area you should start cleaning, get rid of, or moving first.  Make it a little goal each day to change something in there. This is allowing energy to flow to this area of your home.  Home is where your heart is, and as you are working on the external home, your internal home will be changing too.  Small ways, it’s your own therapy moving and letting go of the past, as you are cleaning and letting go of the physical things that no longer serve you.  Mentally say to yourself as you are cleaning and moving things around in this area of your home, “I’m releasing and cleaning this room I love, so more energy will fill the room.” You don’t have to get it all accomplished in one day / night….baby steps.

Roman Goddess Vesta is the over sees your home and hearth. She brings warmth as an emotion to your home, and what room do you feel needs more inner warm and love? Call upon Vesta if you would like help with cleaning your home and moving rooms around to create an external home of greater warmth. Angels in all forms are everywhere to help!

I have two rooms I need to focus on!  An extra bedroom I’m trying to make into an office. I even have all my new office furniture set up. Now to take care of the laundry I need to put away in there.  Then there is my walk in closet.  It’s not in bad shape, but I need to move some energy around in there.  So these two rooms are my goal this week.  Now, which one to start on?  I’ll be turning on the vacuum cleaner!

Enjoy your Monday!

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